achievement unlocked: a whole bunch of underpants

glad to have this project done. it had been sitting in my WIP box for like six months.


six pairs of underpants. when i say this had been in my WIP box, i mean everything had already been cut out & the lace for the waistband & legs had already been sewn together. all that was required was basic construction, which for underpants, is essentially no effort. i think these six pairs took me like two hours total? if that?

the pattern is the cloth habit rosy shorts pattern, which is free! & it makes a very cute & comfy pair of underpants with the perfect amount of coverage (in my subjective opinion). the only materials required are some kind of stretchy fabric for the underpants (i used jersey) & stretch lace for the waistbands & legs. i got my stretch lace at hancock fabrics. i asked at the local fabric shop to see if they carry it & they were like, “noooooo, it’s nearly impossible to find.” (they do sell some stretch lace fabric by the yard, but no trims.) i was like, “really? because hancock has it.” & they were like, “oh.” they clarified that they haven’t been able to find any 100% cotton stretch lace trim to stock. i guess maybe some people care if their stretch lace trim is 100% cotton but i do not. i suspect this stuff is at least partially polyester, if not entirely.

i used my serger to finish seams–& breakthrough! i learned where to feed the fabric to serge edges without cutting off fabric. i feel like a doofus for not figuring it out sooner because it’s kind of obvious. just line it up with the little notch thing on the foot, it’s not difficult. i guess that’s what i get for not reading the manual.

anyway, you don’t need a serger to make these. any machine with the capacity to zigzag stitch will do. they sew up very quickly. the most tedious part is attaching the stretch lace trim, but once i thought about a bit, i realized i could probably just place & ease as i went instead of using a million pins & that went way faster & was actually more precise.

the red lace is from this random giant bag of lace i bought at the antiques mall. i think it was like $3 for several pounds of lace. i have no clue what i’ll do with it all because i’m not really a lace kind of girl, but i like the application here. i used to have some off-the-rack underpants with this design & i thought they were so cute.

the strawberry print jersey was purchased at gather here in cambridge, massachusetts, with a gift certificate that david & alana got me for my birthday in july. that was also when i got my serger, so i wanted to buy some kind of knit, & this is what i chose. *shrug* i actually don’t love strawberries that much, but as a print, they are vastly superior to cherries. *shudder*

the blue floral is from hancock. it’s pretty shitty quality, & kind of hard to work with because it wants to stick to itself. but oh well. no one ever sewed up a pair of jersey underpants thinking they were going to become a family heirloom. all of this was basically just a construction project i started over the summer–something small so i could practice with knits & using my serger. & then i just didn’t finish them for months on end.

i will say, why doesn’t everyone who sews clothing make their own underpants? it’s so easy, & it’s such a simple way to ensure you’re wearing something you made yourself everyday, because even if it turns out kind of janky, it doesn’t really matter, because very few people are likely to see them. you can see i didn’t have enough of either print to make more than a couple of pairs, so one pair is half & half. they don’t go together at all, but who cares? not me!

on another sewing note: i had a very weird dream last night in which i was kind of a cross between myself & gertie from gertie’s new blog for better sewing. in that i had my own personality but dressed like gertie. i was pursuing a fashion design career but i found out i had to actually go back to high school & get a real diploma (i only have a GED in reality) in order to go to the fashion design school i wanted. so, i went back & it totally sucked because i’m an adult. i wound up losing my temper constantly with all the teachers & administrators, & i had to take a gym class. even though i don’t think i actually had to do that in high school? anyway, in real life, i have a total bum knee that acts up a lot, & when it does, it causes excruciating, disabling pain. like, i can’t bend my knee at all, even when i’m sitting down or laying down. forget about walking. so in my dream, i was planning to ask the gym teacher for some kind of accommodation for the knee, like i would work out more with my good leg to make up the difference. but the vice-principal (who was based on my real vice-principal from my first high school, who was awful) got wind of it & failed me automatically & then taunted me about it & said i’d have to go for another year to make up that credit. meaning i’d still be in high school at age 36! & i was like, “no way, dude. the americans with disabilities act, look into it,” & i talked to the gym teacher, who was like, “yeah, we can accommodate your knee,” & i was like, “awesome! in your face, you crusty old dean/vice-principal!” & i was wearing a strapless tea-length rose print dress with crinolines the whole time, even while doing pull-ups in gym class.

aren’t you glad you read that whole thing? i don’t know. it was a weird dream.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

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