a flowers. a light. swing! a noise! computer close. — ramona

yeah, i am probably going to stick with blogging. i’ve been doing it for fifteen years. i doubt i would actually ever just give it up cold turkey.

ramona has another cold. it’s her second one in just a couple of weeks. i caught the first one, but thankfully i got sick over the weekend, so jared was around to do all the child care & make chicken soup & let me sleep. thus far we’ve been lucky & ramona is the only one who has gotten sick a second time. but i’m still suffering because we’ve been cooped up in the house for days. as i write this, she is sitting on my desk next to the computer & crying because she threw a magnet on the floor & then was disappointed that it was on the floor. she wanted it back so she could pretend it was a phone. i don’t even really know how she learned about phones, since jared & i almost never use ours in front of her (or in any other circumstance).

i’ve done a little informal polling & determined that ramona is more into books than the average toddler. all this kid ever wants to do is read books. it’s 10am & i’ve already read her six different books, each at least three times. i was telling some other moms at toddler gym about it, & one of them was like, “oh, i know! by the time my middle one was two i had three of his board books memorized.” i was like, “…only three?” i probably have at least thirty memorized, maybe more. i can recite them by heart, even without the pictures to use as a prompt.

not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying books! i like books too. i mean, ramona comes by it honestly. but, believe it or not, i don’t always love being forced to choose between reading “the pigeon wants a puppy” seven times in a row or a screaming tantrum. so in that respect, i might be more bummed about her cold than she is. i would love to take her to the playground or toddler gym or something & get a break from the books. but we don’t want to be patient zero (even though other parents don’t seem to be as concerned, which is how she got sick in the first place).

we did take a family trip to IKEA over the weekend, right before she got sick. the IKEA in kansas city just opened a few weeks ago. when we moved to lawrence, i had naively assumed that every major metropolitan area already had an IKEA. after all, there’s one right outside boston & there were plans to build another just a few blocks away from our last apartment there (which didn’t come to fruition, though a street was renamed “IKEA way”). we were pretty bummed when we realized that we’d have to forego curiously low-priced home goods & swedish meatballs during our time in kansas. but no more!

we really just went for our own amusement. we don’t really have the money to spend even on cheapo IKEA furniture. but i still love a good aspirational consumer experience. we especially liked the model 500 square-foot house, completely furnished in IKEA. somehow they fit one more bedroom into that thing than we have. we did buy some new drinking glasses, a couple of area rugs (those would have been nice to have when ramona was learning how to walk), & a little chair for ramona.

we spent the drive home fantasizing about how we’d outfit the house if we had the money. i really liked the secretary desk. i like the idea of being able to shut my desk so ramona can’t get into it. there was an adjustable table that would be great as a sewing table. lower it while i’m sewing, raise it while i’m tracing patterns & cutting. cutting isn’t really that bad. i just hate it because it’s murder on my back with all our tables as low as they are. we both liked the idea of a bed frame with drawers in which to store our ever-growing collection of spare bedding (since i keep making quilts & jared keeps buying sheets), & we talked about getting a bigger dresser so we can finally share our dresser like a real adult couple (&, in jared’s words, so he would “have some motivation to put [my] clothes away sometimes”).

while i wrote this, ramona tore apart a bouquet of flowers & the cat started eating them, she knocked a painting askew, she pulled a lamp off the kitchen table, she demanded that “computer close”, & now she’s on a chair & starting to empty whatever bookshelves she can reach. & this is why it’s difficult to maintain a blog. the house honestly looks like it’s been set designed to portray a wrecked house in a movie. all that’s missing is a crayon drawing of a stick figure on the wall. i guess i should go do some parenting.

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

2 thoughts on “a flowers. a light. swing! a noise! computer close. — ramona

  1. We often make family trips to Ikea just to get out of the house if we have no weekend plans. :p K is half-Finnish, so the food court is a chance to eat all the foods of his people.

    I want that adjustable table too! I’ve already figure out in my head how I would hack it. We don’t have the budget for any furniture for my sewing room right now, but I have mostly designed it out in my head with hacked Ikea pieces. They used to have a sewing workshop as one of their little staged areas, and it had pretty much the most perfect sewing table with storage setup ever. I used to pet it and say “sooooon.” But they replaced it with something else that’s not nearly as awesome. I’m not even sure if they still make the original components.

    I have no idea how many board books I have memorized, but it’s quite a few. I think LJ has 5-10 memorized on her own. I used to recite Goodnight Moon from memory to my parents when I was her age, so I guess she’s continuing the tradition. It’s really cute, but it also means you can’t make up your own words if you’re sick of it. She’s on to me!

    1. our IKEA is like a 45-minuve drive, so going there is an expedition. i wish we could just head out because we’re bored on a sunday or whatever, but it’s too far away. (even though ramona is a very good traveler.)

      i’ve only ever been to IKEA like three times so i’m unfamiliar with anything they used to carry. i did notice they had a little sewing area set up at the one in kansas city, but it was pretty small, & it was toward the end of our trip, when we kind of just doing our best to hustle ramona toward the exit without losing too much time to her need to open drawers. so i didn’t get to really stop & look. maybe next time.

      ramona has almost all her books memorized. i’ve started asking her what her books are about when she brings them to me because it’s always interesting to hear what she focuses on. according to her, “goodnight moon” is about “cows & chairs, hush”. “brown bear, brown bear” is just about “children–children, COUNT”. she always forces me to count the children, which i hate. but i read something about how parents are less likely to count & talk about numbers with their daughters, which may contribute to women lagging in the STEM industries, so you know.

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