jared is shipping out to boston

i cut out the fabric for my jellyfish sailor dress yesterday during ramona’s nap. it’s sixteen pieces, plus pockets, piping, facings, & the collar! most dresses i’ve sewn so far are only maybe six pieces, including the sleeves. all the excess with this dress is due to the princess seams. it’s mccall’s 6887, which i think is new for spring 2014. i’ve googled, but very few people on the internet have sewn it up so far. i’m doing view B, but with sleeves from view D. only because i somehow lost the sleeve i cut for B. it must have accidentally been thrown out when i did my sewing table purge post-suspender skirt. my sewing table is basically just a giant folding table set up in the living room. because it’s in such a highly-trafficked area, it becomes a repository for bags, keys, library books, practically everything non-perishable that comes into the house. & with a toddler in the mix, everything that we don’t want to be destroyed has to always be kept up on a surface she can’t reach…like my sewing table. it just turns into a hellscape when i am in the middle of a project. & i think sleeve piece for view B was the first significant casualty. but someone told me recently i should wear more sleeveless/very short-sleeved tops to show off my charlotte memorial tattoo.

jared is leaving to do research in two & a half weeks. in the meantime, he’s taking it easy & doing lots of extra baby care, which gives me lots of extra time to sew or do the ten million other things that have been piling up on my to-do list for the last two years (ever since i got pregnant). i want to try to take advantage of it, because once he leaves, i am flying solo with ramona for two weeks before i take her to boston & pass her off to her grandparents. & she is back to not sleeping through the night. despite the switch to disposable diapers.

last night she was awake for two hours. screaming the entire time. it’s so awful when this happens. technically, dealing with ramona when she wakes in the night is jared’s job, but she does it so often these days, & stays awake for so long, i feel guilty making him do it all himself. so we kind of trade off. he tries his tricks, they work for a few minutes, the screaming starts again, i try my tricks. i’ve discovered that she often wakes up simply because she kicked her blanket off, & she will go back to sleep if i put her blanket back over her. i mentioned this to jared, but he still responds to the screaming nine times out of ten by bringing her into the bed, without her blanket, & trying to cuddle her back to sleep. & then i’m like, “she needs her blanket!” & he’s all, “jesus christ,” & “maybe you should get up with her if you’re so knowledgeable about how to get her to stop crying.” sometimes he just puts her in the bed & leaves to sleep on the couch, which i always hate. last night we tried the blanket, cuddling, ceding to her jared’s spot in bed, singing, milk, a diaper change, desperate pleading, & finally baby tylenol. she has all of her teeth except two that aren’t scheduled to show up for another six months, so i didn’t think it was teething pain, but she did finally quiet down after the tylenol. maybe she had just cried herself out by then. or cried so hard she gave herself a headache, which the tylenol helped.

the point is that i don’t look forward to dealing with this madness by myself. on top of taking care of her all day by myself. even though she is very cute & smart & cuddly & everything.

i’m flying to boston with ramona at the end of the month & passing her off to her grandparents, who will be taking her up to vermont for yearly meeting (a quaker thing). jared & i are kind of dumbfounded that they agreed to take her at all, let alone to a whole different state. i’m not super in love with the stress of looking after a kid in a new, probably non-babyproofed environment, & i’m her actual parent who mostly understands her moods & desires. but if they take ramona, that gives us a weekend to spend together alone, & hopefully this time no one will ruin it by immediately coming down with the stomach flu. then i’ll fly back to kansas & have a few baby-free days. & then david’s brother & his brother’s girlfriend will fly out to return ramona to me & hang out for a few days before jared’s research trip is finally over.

i’ll have two solo days in boston without ramona while jared is in the archives. i’m really looking forward to finally checking out gather here in cambridge. even if i can appreciate it as nothing more than a fabric store, since i can’t very well take a class or anything if i’m only there for a long weekend, i can spend hours in a fabric store, so that should be fun. & i’m just looking forward to being in a real city again. lawrence is starting to grow on me now that i have a kid, but since i won’t have ramona while i’m in boston, i’ll be able to do fun city stuff totally unencumbered! what a novel concept.

i made piping for my jellyfish dress this morning while jared took ramona to baby story time at the library & the playground. she has learned how to climb this set of monkey bars to get to a platform with a slide coming off it. it’s bananas to me that she will barely walk (unless she’s holding on to something), but she’ll climb a five-foot jungle gym, no problem. jared took some video of her doing it & she kept slipping off the bars & hanging by her arms & then pulling herself back up & climbing to the next level. she definitely does not get that athleticism & fearlessness from me!

i think my next dress project will be mccall’s 6503, using anna maria horner social climber print fabric in the gold colorway. i really want to add a net underskirt to it, just for fun, but i’m not sure if the pleated skirt or the gathered skirt would be better for that. a circle skirt would probably be best of all, but i find i don’t wear my circle skirt dresses that often because they’re a real pain in the ass from a practical wanting-to-walk-down-the-street-without-my-dress-blowing-up standpoint. but maybe an underskirt would help address that? i mean, let’s be real. any dress with a net underskirt is not really being sewn in order to be my most practical item of clothing. so maybe i should just go whole hog on it.

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

6 thoughts on “jared is shipping out to boston

  1. “maybe you should get up with her if you’re so knowledgeable about how to get her to stop crying.”

    My husband sometimes pulls this and I always want to strangle him on the spot. And then of course when the baby is howling mad because he didn’t do whatever-it-was, it’s mama’s job because nothing but boob will calm her down… Grrrrr. Frustration ensues.

    It’s kinda like the one-and-only time I got “but you’re so much quicker at doing housework, so you should do it!” Practice. It. And. Get. Faster. Dude.

    1. jared is generally really good about this stuff. he gets up with her in the night at least twice as often as i do. it’s just that when she’s waking up every. single. night & screaming for hours & we’re trying to squeak by on like four or five hours of sleep a night & our baby is 19 months old (i mean, i expect this from a 3-month-old, but not from a toddler!), patience wears thin. on both sides. i snap at him, he snaps at me, we are both impatient with each other & frustrated that we’re not reading each other’s minds.

      i read something recently about how having a baby changes your relationship & it said, “even if you never ever argued before you had a kid, you will now!” so true! jared & i almost never fought before we had a kid, & it’s still relatively rare, but it’s definitely like a tenfold increase over our pre-baby lives, just from sleep deprivation & its attendant stress.

  2. Jared’s mom is a brave lady! My mom and stepdad will be at Yearly Meeting. They could probably help out in if Jared’s folks are in a pinch. They spend every Monday with LJ, so they’re seasoned pros. :p

    I hope you guys are all sleeping better. Everything sucks when you’re not sleeping.

    1. yeah, i can’t believe they agreed to this! though i rather suspect that it’s all in the service of showing ramona off to all their quaker bros. & there is dedicated child care…maybe you should see if your mom & stepdad want to bring LJ, so ramona will have a playmate!

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