so, teething sucks

it remains to be seen whether or not this was the best idea i ever had, but i decided to take the plunge & start an etsy shop. right now i’m selling zines & skirts, but the inventory may expand a bit as i take on more sewing projects. i’ll probably sell baby skirts eventually (once i hammer out a pattern i really like–i’ve experimented with several, but none are really doing it for me so far) & maybe quilts. & probably other things. anyway, link:

i took ramona to check out this new boutique selling handmade stuff in town. the women at the fabric store told me about it. it’s in the same building as the comic book shop, which is essentially an impenetrable fortress if you have a stroller. it’s up a flight of pretty narrow concrete stairs & then there’s a really heavy glass door & another set of wooden stairs. there’s nowhere to rest the stroller once you get to the door. you either have to hang on to it with one hand, allowing it to dangle down the steps (really testing the efficacy of your five-point restraints) or hope some good samaritan will get the door for you. or i guess you could wear your baby. i pretty much don’t do that anymore because it’s murder on my hips.

let me just say, i am constantly amazed at how often people will almost go out of their way NOT to hold doors for me & ramona in the stroller. i am always very grateful to the people who do help, but i’ve had more than a few incidences of, say, someone exiting a shop right ahead of me, making eye contact with me through the glass, & then firmly pulling the door shut behind them. like…seriously? do you really hate babies that much? recently i was leaving the post office & saw a woman approaching through the lobby. i stepped aside with the stroller so she could enter first, because the door swings out & i know people aren’t always looking. i didn’t want to push the door open & smack her with it. she opened the door, saw me waiting with my stroller, & proceeded to put on a completely exaggerated limp that she definitely hadn’t had while jauntily strutting through the lobby. she shuffled over to the envelope rack & left me to struggle with the door on my own.

anyway! so i took ramona to this little boutique. & i wore my hidden bookcase skirt. the woman working was all, “cute skirt!” & i said, “thanks! i made it myself,” & she insisted on giving me the owner’s card & telling me that they were looking for more handmade clothes & would love to sell my skirts. i doubt i will take her up on it because i really don’t want to start a skirt business. i’m still not super-fast at sewing, & i don’t really have a real workspace, which slows me down even more. it takes me like a minimum of six hours to make a skirt. but she did suggest that they need more baby stuff, like bibs, receiving blankets, etc, & i might do that. in any case, it was flattering!

oh, i made curtains the other day!



on the baby front, ramona could be doing a little better. she’s teething hardcore (she has one tooth & another is just about ready to pop) & it’s pretty hard on all of us. she reduced me to tears again yesterday because she was so impossible to deal with. combine the occasional inconsolable crying with the fact that it’s just not safe to put her down anymore & you have a very stressed out mommy on your hands. she’s still not crawling (or even close, regardless of what jared says), but she has learned how to roll both ways (left & right, back to belly & belly to back) & what’s more, she has learned how to string a series of rolls together. she hasn’t yet rolled off of anything, but she’s come alarmingly close. she has even tried to roll out of her bouncy chair a few times. & although she can sit pretty well now, she still falls over a lot, so i’m not comfortable leaving her sitting on the floor while i run to get laundry out of the dryer or grab a fresh diaper or whatever. i don’t mind of she topples over on the bed because it’s soft, but we have hardwood floors & i don’t want her banging her head. & since you never know which way she’s going to topple, it’s impossible to surround her with pillows.

so i can lay her on the floor, plunk her in the middle of the bed, strap her into her bouncy chair, or put her in her high chair. those are the only safe places. & sometimes she hates all of them & just screams & screams. she has also started fighting the bottle. yesterday she actually knocked it out of my hand & sent it flying across the room. since this came after a solid hour of screaming, i lost it. jared was napping (though i don’t know how the hell he was sleeping through the screaming) & i stormed into the bedroom & yelled, “this is not working!” & then literally stood in a corner & cried. he got her calmed down & played with her for like half an hour while i pulled myself together & then i managed to feed her & get her to nap.

she’s also waking up a lot more in the night. sometimes she’s screaming (we think it might be night terrors–i had them when i was a baby), but more often she’s just babbling to herself & rolling around. it’s a real argument for ramona having her own room. too bad we live in a one-bedroom house.

but i think it’s all just a little rough patch while she adjusts to the teething situation. we still have lovely moments like this morning when i put her down for her nap. she opened her eyes, gave me a great big smile, & then pulled her blanket up & fell asleep. too cute. i want more of that baby & less of this scream-y, wakeful model.

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

4 thoughts on “so, teething sucks

  1. Ugh. Teething. Rolling. Right there with ya! Sheesh. No place is safe and all the screaming. Sweet mother. Also, we are moving. The light at the end of this particular tunnel is that the new place will provide a baby room, which will help with so many other things that suck right now (my sincerest condolences on your 1 bedroom house. We’ve been in a 480 sq ft apt with an 85lb dog… I know all these urban fools do this with like 3 kids and sugar gliders and all this fancy po-mo minimalist furniture…to them, i roll my eyeballs like marbles in a yahtzee cup because this is not the hill i want to die on. And also, i like to turn in a complete circle, inside my house, every now and again, and not knock shit off of every flat surface I own…). In the meantime, we muddle through, somehow. Packing with a baby in a carrier is the fucking pits. Packing with a teething baby in a carrier is the deepest, most cavernous, pit of fucking hell. All the screaming. All right into my ear holes.

    Way to be an entrepreneur! Your skirts are amazing! I adore them. Also, the curtains are gorgeous. Your fabric store must be fantastic there. Perhaps ours has good stuff too but I remember it being mostly uhpolstery and spandex… I should check again (or maybe you special order your neato fabric?). When i win the lottery, i would like to join your skirt of the month club (cuz I won’t likely win it now, and by the time I do, i bet you will have a skirt of the month club… Swoon!). Have i mentioned i love your blog/need to buy your zine/am scared of paypal?

    1. we are not dog people, but we are sharing our one-bedroom house with two full-grown cats right now. we’re cat-sitting them until mid-august. yesterday one of them knocked my laptop off the coffee table & then spilled my coffee all over the laptop. thank god it was closed, so it only got on the outside. i would have murdered that cat if he had broken my computer.

      i pretty much never wear ramona anymore. she’s too damn heavy. she must be over twenty pounds now. jared sometimes wears her backpack-style, which she seems to enjoy. but she spends a lot of time plunked down in the middle of the bed (where she’d have to string quite a few rolls together to fall on to the floor, & she’s not that good at rolling yet), in her high chair, or on a blanket on the floor. we may be moving away from lawrence in august 2014 & i’m already dreading packing with a not-write two-year-old underfoot. but i’m looking forward to possibly transitioning her into her own room.

      our local fabric store is pretty good, but i also order online a lot. i like hawthorne threads a lot because the more fabric you buy, the bigger discounts you get, & their selection is amazing. but i still hit the local fabric store a few times a week, just to browse. ramona seems to enjoy looking at all the colors & designs.

      oh, i am sold out of fabric cover copies of “ella funt,” but i will make paper copies soon. they’ll be $3 each. i do accept cash through the mail, if paypal scares you that much. my address:
      ciara xyerra
      307 e. 8th st.
      lawrence KS 66044

  2. I’m probably a terrible mother, but I let LJ bonk her head every now and then. :p

    Do you guys have a baby jail of some sort? You can probably get a pack n’ play at a consignment store for a few bucks. It’s nice to have somewhere safe to stash them if you need to use the bathroom. Or bang your head against the wall for a few minutes.

    1. i’d let ramona bonk her head more if we had carpet, but with hardwood floors…she’s still pretty unsteady with the sitting. it’s not a question of IF she’s going to fall over. it’s a question of WHEN. so i only let her do it when she’s strapped into her high chair (& even then, she one hit her head on the back of it & started crying), in our bed, or surrounded by pillows. i’ll let her have more pillow-free floor time when she gets a little more stable.

      we don’t have a baby jail. i honestly don’t know where we could put such a thing. our house is probably 500 square feet, tops. once ramona is more mobile, we might swap out a lesser-used piece of furniture for a baby jail, but for now, we still have a few mostly-safe places to stash her for a few minutes.

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