the ol’ sew & sew

so. i resurrected this old tumblr. the link is:

as long as we’re talking about links, i posted last week about how my friend sarah is trying to raise money to publish her memoir, “everyone else’s girl”. & i tried to link to it, but because wordpress is trying to be more like tumblr, it wouldn’t let me include HTML in my text post, so i don’t think it worked. so, if you’d like to support her project (&i encourage you to at least consider it), the link is:

anyway. i don’t know why i started using that tumblr again or if i will keep using it, except that it feels less serious than this thing, so i feel more okay with posting there about my new obsession: SEWING. i can’t get enough of it! since i made that typewriter skirt last weekend, i sold a version to my friend alana & i have been working on it this week when ramona gives me some downtime. i learned a lot from making my skirt, which i am applying to making alana’s as close to perfect as possible. i finished the lining & the front & so far, it looks gorgeous. so gorgeous, in fact, that i was all jealous that it looked better than mine!

so yesterday ramona took a really good nap & i used the time to take a seam ripper to my skirt & take it apart completely. it would have taken less time to just cut a whole new skirt, but i didn’t want to spend the money on more fabric. i fixed all the tiny little mistakes that probably weren’t even that noticeable (some wobbly stitching on the pockets, the edge of the bias tape peeking out from under the seam, a weird stitch selection for the hem, etc) & sewed it all back together. i also made a little circle skirt for ramona, using the same fabric.


we wore our skirts to playgroup today & i felt a little goofy. especially after ramona toppled over while sitting (she’s better at it now, but still, you know, a baby) & bonked her head on the wall. i just ran out of steam a little while after that & made an excuse about how “ramona is tired” & went out & got some lemonade & took ramona for a long walk in her stroller. by the time we got home, she really was asleep.

also? we have two cats that we are cat-sitting for the summer. that’s one of them, photobombing ramona & i while we sit on the back porch. the other one looks exactly the same. they’re brothers. they’re incredibly chill & laid back, but they also like to go where cats do not belong. right now they’re laying on the blanket on the table where we usually change ramona. i have ceded the territory to them & have been changing her on the bed instead. yesterday, this happened:


yes, a cat in the stroller. granted, we’re cat-sitting for the same person who gave us that stroller. maybe it smells like home.

it’s weird how into sewing i am now. i am really excited for the next skirt i’m making, which will incorporate these fabrics:


that pink bookshelf fabric is amazing, but so BRIGHT! the photo doesn’t do it justice. it is garish. so i’m making a skirt out of the brown & the bookshelf fabric will be an inverted contrast pleat. the pink will be the lining. & of course, i will be making ramona another little skirt out of the bookshelf fabric. she might not know how to read, but she at least enjoys eating books. she actually did snatch an index card out of jared’s shirt pocket last night & chewed it into a pulp before we got it away from her. & part of the reason the playgroup wore me out so much is because it was at this weird play center with a “baby area” full of “baby toys” that are actually just a bunch of plastic junk that have been licked by every other baby in town. & of course ramona wanted to put them all in her mouth & cried when i did not permit her to contract the bubonic plague in this fashion. i don’t know why we couldn’t have just met in the park. sure, there’s mud & the occasional fire ant there, but at least the babies are getting some fresh air that way.

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

2 thoughts on “the ol’ sew & sew

  1. The first big tumble that LJ took was when she got a little too feisty at a baby meet up and tumbled off of my lap and whacked her head on the hardwood floor. I was sitting on said floor, so she only fell maybe six inches. But, she screwed up her face and started *wailing.* I think every parent in the room stopped breathing for a split second.

    She got a little bit of a red bump, but she was fine after a quick snuggle and some soothing. The other parents were all “been there, done that” but I was still super embarrassed. I was also hoping that my husband would be the first person to drop the baby. :p

    I know some parents get all freaked out when their kids fall over, but that’s the only way they really learn to be mobile. When LJ was first learning how to sit, I’d pile pillows around her, but I stopped doing that when I realized that falling was the best way for her to learn how to test her own limits.

    1. i wasn’t really embarrassed. just tired. there’s only so much baby soothing i can do in a day. what happened is that ramona can sit, but she’s still a little unsteady. i’d sat her down on the ground while i grabbed her bottle out of the diaper bag, & while my back was turned, she tipped backward & whacked her noggin on the wall behind her. & then she fell the rest of the way over & was kind of slumped sideways against the wall. so she was laying there screaming & i started laughing because she looked so ridiculous. i mean, it’s so bizarre that babies can get stuck in such a weird position, just because they can’t sit up on their own! & then i felt self-conscious for laughing at my crying baby. only one other mom was around to witness the whole thing & she gave me a sympathetic smile & was like, “yeah, it happens.” but i was like, okay, i’m mentally exhausted from trying to chit chat with these other moms, ramona has bumped her head, is hungry, & could probably use a nap, & i’m tired of wrestling communal plastic toys out of her mouth. let’s just leave. i really hope playgroup is in the park this week. i don’t care for the “play center”.

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