perfect day

i may end up being filled with regret for writing this, because babies change so quickly, but i have been having an amazing time with ramona lately! i don’t know if she’s experiencing a developmental stage that i just find especially fun & easy, or i’m really getting the hang of this mom thing or what, but i have no complaints!

since i taught her to sit up a week or two ago, she’s been getting better & better at it. & yesterday, she added a new trick to her repertoire: when she is sitting on my lap with a leg on other side of my thigh, she will grab on to my shirt, plant her feet, & stand up. she’s really wobbly & can’t maintain her balance for long, but she tries! she’s also big enough for her high chair now, which makes dinnertime a lot easier. she had become so roly poly that she would roll right on to our plates. it’s definitely preferable to have her restrained to a certain degree.

ramona & i had a great day yesterday. jared took her on a run before he went up to school. (did i mention that we have a jogging stroller? because we do? it’s huge, like practically as big as our car. but jared likes to go running & this way he can take ramona with him. she seems to love it.) she fell asleep & he was able to transfer her to her crib. to my amazement, she continued to sleep! she gave me enough time to book us a place to stay in portland for the zine symposium in august & rustle up some plane tickets. i found a place on airbnb that is a fully finished basement apartment with everything we need–basically just a bed, a fridge, & laundry access. but the best part is that a couple with a 19-month-old owns the place. so they were downright stoked about the idea of having a baby stay there. it’s a bit further from the zine symposium than i would prefer, but i doubt we’ll really be able to spend a ton of time at the symposium anyway, if we have to look after ramona. i’m not tabling or anything, so we can probably just browse, see if there are any workshops we want to check out, & spend the rest of the time enjoying the city on baby time.

once ramona woke up & had a snack, i decided that it was a perfect day for us to go to the pool. i put her in her swimsuit & away we went. it’s really convenient to live four blocks from the pool. i put sunscreen on her before we left & layered some towels under her in her stroller so i could just pop her straight into the water without having to changer her into her swim diaper. ramona seems to enjoy hanging out in the zero-depth area & splashing. i took her into the four-foot area & she just clung to me like a baby monkey. she gets so serious at the pool. she didn’t smile until she was in her stroller & we were getting ready to leave. splashing is serious business.

speaking of splashing, some obnoxious kid, maybe three or four years old, intentionally splashed ramona FOUR TIMES. he looked me right in the eye & then splashed her. after the first time, i said, “please don’t splash my baby.” but when he did TWICE MORE in rapid succession, i was like, “get out of here! you’re a bad seed!” i looked all around to see if he seemed connected to any of the adults hanging around, but no one seemed to be looking at him & he wasn’t gravitating toward any of them. but he was way too young to be there unsupervised, so i assume some adult saw what was going on & just didn’t want to deal with it. ramona better not even THINK about splashing innocent babies when she’s a preschooler!

anyway, we came home & had a bath to wash all the chlorine off. ramona was acting hungry but i didn’t want to get out of the bath to fix a bottle so i decided to see if she would breastfeed. she has staunchly refused to latch since december. but this time, she did it! it was awesome! i totally understand why some moms love to breastfeed. i started daydreaming about how easy it would be to take her around portland if she would breastfeed while we’re out & about so we don’t have to worry about running out of bottles & having to go back to the apartment to make more. but she started to fall asleep & i didn’t want her sleeping in the bathtub, so we got out & got dressed & then i tried to get her to breastfeed some more & she wouldn’t do it. maybe it was the skin-to-skin thing that made her get it in the bath? it was like she didn’t understand how to do it anymore once she was wearing a onesie. she screamed until i gave up & gave her a bottle. oh well. i tried. the important thing is that she took another excellent nap. as much as i love hanging out with her, i also love her naps.

in other news, making the covers for “ella funt” #1 reminded me that i really like to sew! & honestly, there is a really great fabric store here in lawrence. so i’ve decided to start making clothes for me & ramona. i started with a little dress for ramona:


i didn’t use a pattern at all, so the skirt turned out longer than i intended, & the straps are a little too long & a little too wide on the bodice. & if i had it to do over, i would have smocked the top so it fits a little better & is easier to put on her. BUT. this is the very first time i have ever sewn clothes from whole cloth. i once made a minidress out of a pillow case, but i don’t think that counts. & i have altered clothes, like adding strips down the side of t-shirts to make them bigger. but this is the first time i’ve turned a bolt of cloth into an item of clothing, so–not bad for a first effort. next, i plan to make a A-line skirt out of this same typewriter fabric. we’ll see how it goes.


Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

3 thoughts on “perfect day

  1. I have to agree totally about this amazingly fun age/stage. I’ve heard that we’re in the honeymoon though – the sitting up (I can play by myself! I’m not a sad wet noodle!) but not crawling (I just broke/ate the poison/expensive thing/important thing/dog/cat/bills/spare change/did you say poison? etc.). I say that still knowing how adorable they all are, even when they have wiggled across the room for the thousandth time – despite not being able to crawl – to once again chew on the breast pump tubes/cords because they are SURE that they belong to them. Even though we all know the breastpump is very heavy, and constantly threatening to fall/tip over onto someones unsuspecting little noggin. BTW – congrats on the moment of nursing… it’s so cool. Sometimes I try to convince my two that it would be so fun to nurse, but they think I’m probably trying to poison them with not-a-bottle.

    1. i don’t want to hear that this is just a honeymoon phase! i want to hear that this whole mom thing is going to be smooth sailing from here on out!

      though ramona cut a tooth the other day & has been a grump ever since. on wednesday night, she refused to go to bed until after midnight (she’s usually down by 9pm or so). & that was followed by two days with only one nap each day. she was pretty easy to get to bed both days, but i was exhausted. i’m used to more sleeping on my watch. but i started giving her breast milk ice cubes & that seems to be helping (although they’re so messy, we might have to start bathing her on a daily basis).

      one baby wipes me out. i don’t know how you’re doing it with two! dear god.

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