ramona can sit up now

ramona attended her first playgroup yesterday. it’s difficult for me to make it to things like playgroups & baby story hour because jared takes care of ramona in the morning until he heads up to school at around 11am, but these baby things are always scheduled for earlier. there’s no fucking way i am going to take the baby any sooner than i have to just so i can tote her off to a playgroup or a story hour. especially now that she is going to bed earlier. jared would be spending a grand total of twenty minutes a day with her if i stuck to the universal baby schedule.

oh yes, she is going to bed earlier now. remember when i wrote about the ridiculous fight jared & i had about that? all of his “if you just understood THE ROUTINE” nonsense? well, i prevailed & he started putting her in her pajamas at 8pm. & guess who is now almost always asleep by 9pm?

last night jared came home an hour later than usual & then dragged his feet a bit getting started on dinner. ramona had a complete meltdown while he was cooking. he tried wearing her in the ergo, but it’s not easy to grate cheese when you’re wearing a baby on your chest. so i took over (even though i’d already taken care of her for eight hours straight, & she did NOT nap yesterday) & made an executive decision to put her in her pajamas & sleep sack. she spent about three minutes with her bottle & was out like a light. at 8pm!

i told jared that he better not make a habit of coming home later than usual in order to manipulate me into putting ramona to bed. he was all, “i wasn’t late! i was home at 6:30pm!” but i now for sure that he came home at 7:09pm because i was watching the clock. ramona learned to sit up yesterday & i was really excited to tell/show him. ramona & i even waited for him on the front porch for a while. when i said, “the important thing here is that i got her to sleep. i rule!” he said, “i bet she’ll wake up.” um…you’re welcome? also, she slept straight through until 7am. it’s kind of annoying, but it’s also kind of funny to see his reaction to having the title of Only Person Who Can Get The Baby To Sleep undermined. not that i WANTED to put her to sleep. i wanted to just collapse on the couch with a stack of ginger-o’s & a book, but that wasn’t an option.

anyway, i took ramona to a playgroup. there was one mom there who was lecturing everyone about how to start their babies on solid foods. “the important thing is to give them something so big, they can’t fit it all in their mouth. that way they won’t choke!” huh? “oh, my baby LOVES lamb chops! he can’t get enough kiwi! i don’t bother with purees or any of that BABY stuff.” um, they’re babies, dude. but i didn’t know any of these ladies & i already felt kind of self-conscious because i guess i still feel like i’m going to be outed as not-a-real-mom any minute. like ramona is just a rental baby. i wonder when i’m going to stop feeling this way? so i didn’t say anything. but it was weird when i took off ramona’s hat & know-it-all mom was like, “whoa, what happened to her head?!” i was like, “it’s a hemangioma. like a birthmark. nothing happened to her head.”

ramona’s hemangioma is pretty large. it seriously looks like a great big strawberry balanced on top of her noggin. if it was an injury, it would be a pretty gruesome one…one that i would not be rushing to show off via hatlessness. but since it’s just a harmless overgrowth of blood vessels, i don’t even see it anymore. i had a little moment of smugness, thinking, “i guess know-it-all mom doesn’t know everything after all.”

i did feel weird though, about the fact that every baby at the playgroup could sit up except for ramona. obviously some of the babies were older. a few were a year old or close to it. but there were five-month-olds that were sitting up! technically, ramona was the youngest baby there, if we are going by gestational age. had she been born on time, she wouldn’t even be five months old yet. & of course a preemie is going to be hitting those developmental milestones a little more slowly than her actual-age peers. but when i got her home, i said to myself, “it’s time to teach this baby to sit up.”

i didn’t really think it would work. i mean, you can’t really make a baby do anything it doesn’t want to do. & at first, ramona just fell over a lot. but to my surprise, she eventually got the hang of it & really started developing some balance! within an hour or two, she had gotten so good she could remain sitting with hardly a teeter even while she sneezed! though i did create a bit of a monster in that now she wants to sit up all the time. she can’t hoist herself into a sitting position yet. she has to be placed into one. but not for lack of trying. i tried to lay her down in the boppy to nap & she nearly gave herself an aneurysm trying to sit up. & then she started crying because she couldn’t do it. she is also better able to see her feet when she sits up, which inspires her to lean over for a closer look…& then she over-balances & face-plants. which is always hilarious to me, but it makes her rather angry.



Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

6 thoughts on “ramona can sit up now

  1. Eeeee!! Yay Ramona!! Way to sit up!! My little is still teetery-tottery but tries to sit. It is also hilarious! She face plants on her feet very purposefully so she can suck her toes. Being a northern winter baby, she hasn’t seen them as much as a summer baby would have, so she has a special fondness for them which is the awesomest thing ever!

    How did you enjoy the playgroup? I haven’t braved one yet – mostly because I’m allergic for sanctimommy-ous idiots – and i deeply fear that this is what i’ll discover if we go. And my kid will love it…haha!! She’s a socialite and I’m a homebody curmudgeon. This will likely benefit both of us if I can suck it up…

    1. the playgroup was all right. i’m like you: i wasn’t relishing the thought of subjecting myself to a bunch of judgmental mommies. i never wrote about it here, but i quit my internet due date club some weeks back because i couldn’t deal with all the judgmental insecurity & weird jealousy directed at me & ramona. like, i’d post a photo of ramona enjoying some tummy time, & some other mom would be like, “my baby is the only one who can’t do this yet :(” & some other mom would be like, “i thought of you when i saw this photo! it must eb so hard to see stuff like this when your baby is still struggling.” like i was intentionally showing off my baby’s skills & trying to make other moms feel bad? yuck. worse things than that happened too. & i found out some of the moms there started internet-stalking me after i left the group & posting rude things about my parenting. for example, my sister photoshopped a photo of ramona to add a bowler hat & a cigar after one of my FB friends said she looked like winston churchill. i thought it was funny & i made it my profile picture. & these ladies got all upset because they thought it was inappropriate for me to joke about my baby smoking a cigar. ??? it sounds absolutely silly, but it’s like, if you don’t understand or enjoy my sense of humor, why are you internet-stalking me? just to criticize me behind my back? don’t you have a baby to take care of? christ.

      anyway, i was nervous about putting myself in a situation where i was dealing with anything similar face-to-face. but it was okay. no one really bothered me or said anything rude (the “what happened to her head” comment was as bad as it got), but i also didn’t totally bond with anyone. we’ll see what happens if we go again. it’s a weekly thing, so i may. at the very least, it filled an hour or two of baby care time & made the day go a bit faster. ramona is very social & was so interested in looking around at all the other babies, she was really easy to deal with.

  2. Love the onesie! 😉

    Sitting up is so awesome. The period between sitting up and crawling is the absolute best. You can put them down on the floor with their toys and then go use the bathroom. So great.

    I know the whole baby led weaning movement is all about giving them real food and having them figure out how to chew it, but it personally freaks me out. We gave LJ some avocado today and she choked on it a little at the end. It scared the shit out of me! I think it’s great for anyone who wants to go that route, but we’re sticking with purees for now. And avocado, I guess. :p

    1. we’ve gotten a lot of use out of this onesie! it’s one of my faves. i team it with those ridiculous neon striped leggings a lot.

      ramona has gotten even better at sitting just in the last 24 hours! it’s amazing how much they grow & change in such a short period of time. though she did topple over right on to her skwish toy–face-planted right on it. i laughed pretty hard.

      ramona has still never had actual food, but i think i will start with purees. she is showing more & more interest in food…she tried to grab a piece of pizza right out of jared’s hand today. she’d never done that before. though he was kind of taunting her with it. i wasn’t planning to offer her anything but breast milk until she was six months corrected (july 19) & maybe i still won’t, but she seems to be gearing up for it.

  3. Sometimes when I sit up, I get distracted by my feet, too. Ramona should know that she’s not the only one. Also, I think Ramona’s noggin nubbin is pretty cute. You should draw a cross or a smiley face on it and tell judgmental moms that’s how you know she’s the new baby Jesus. Or a lightsaber – you could say her mediclorien reading is off the charts – and that you almost named her Saber Taber because the force is so strong with her.

    1. no “star wars”! i’ve never seen it & i kind of hope ramona never sees it either. but jared has already agreed to be the sci fi point person if ramona shows an interest.

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