obligatory boston post

so, how ’bout this whole boston thing, huh? i don’t know. i feel like certain people are waiting for me to write something about it because they know boston is special to me. i grew up in ohio & lived there until i was 20 (in toledo & bowling green, mainly), but i moved to boston when i was 22 & stayed for eight years. i feel like i did most of my growing up that is relevant to the person i am now in boston, & that’s where i met jared, who actually did grow up there. that’s where we go on holidays & that’s where we hope to return once jared is finished with school. i consider boston much more my hometown than toledo.

my friend cait works for “runner’s world” & was covering the marathon for them & that is how i personally learned about the whole situation. jared was at school & i put on a livestream of some boston news channel & watched it all day on monday. ramona got a shocking amount of screen time that day, which made me feel like a bad mother, but…shit happens, you know?

everyone that we personally know in boston was just fine. jared learned that a good friend of a former high school classmate was one of the women that was killed. as far as we know, no one we know, no friends of friends or anything, are among the injured.

but obviously it’s still weird to see the town that you consider to be “home” on the news like this.

i don’t really want to write about it at all because i don’t want to be that obnoxious bastard that is all, “one time? my dad’s cousin’s neighbor walked past the twin towers. so, i mean, 9/11 just hit me really hard, you know? i still remember where i was: sipping coffee & enjoying a cruller at dottie’s diner in ames, iowa. dark days, man.” what do i have to say about this whole thing, other than, “oh yeah. i’ve walked down the street. i am familiar with that trash can outside the 7/11”? i mean, who cares?

i do think that the search for the surviving suspect yesterday was absolutely absurd. apparently the situation is that authorities put the city on lockdown so they could search for this guy (although my understanding is that it was only really enforced in the watertown area where they were going door-to-door looking for him, although they shut down the T, which made it difficult for people to really get around that much in other areas). eventually they decided he must be out of the area & they lifted the lockdown. after like fifteen hours. a local resident strolled out into his backyard & noticed blood next to the boat parked there. he lifted the tarp (because don’cha know, every house is new england has a rotting tarped-over boat in the backyard or garage or basement) & saw a dude cowering in there. he ran back into his house & alerted authorities, who massed on the boat & took like nine thousand years to approach it because they were worried it might be “booby-trapped” with explosives. & eventually the kid–who is 19, let’s remember–gave himself up.

really? they had SWAT teams, FBI, ATF, practically every initialed force you can think of aside from the VFW bingo callers making their way through this neighborhood, sweeping people’s home, looking in closets & under beds. they shut down the entire city! but they missed this boat? an obvious hiding place for a wounded fugitive? complete with a telltale trail of blood leading right to it? the lockdown had seriously been lifted for like ten minutes when the resident spotted the guy. what a complete waste of resources! mayor menino was all, “i’m proud of you guys,” to the cops, & it’s like…seriously? why? that was a pretty dramatic show of incompetence, as far as i’m concerned.

i joked about this on facebook, but there was an incident a few years back when a gorilla escaped from the franklin park zoo in boston. it was recaptured while standing around at a bus stop. it had been there for a while & no one said anything because they just assumed it was a guy in a gorilla costume. because that’s boston for you. the missing gorilla couldn’t possibly be the guy in the incredibly realistic gorilla costume that has been hanging around a bus stop two blocks away for like an hour. the fugitive suspect couldn’t possibly be hiding in the boat a block away from where he was last spotted. i mean, i love boston, but jesus christ, people.

still, i feel for all my friends in boston right now. yesterday can’t have been a fun day. i asked jared if he was relieved to have not been in boston yesterday & he said, “i don’t know. not really.” i was like, “because you’d always rather be in boston?” & he said, “even a boston paralyzed by a police dragnet would be more fun than kansas.” i can’t say i disagree with that. & we spent the day like we probably would have had we been in boston: listening to WBUR & making inappropriate jokes.

ciara: “obviously he’s thrown them off the trail by locking himself in the women’s bathroom at 1369. they’ll never look for him there!”

jared: “has anyone checked upstairs at punjabi dhaba? no one EVER goes up there!”

ciara: “he’s probably just having coffee at diesel.”

jared: “yeah, & no one wants to say anything because they don’t want to profile.”i could go on.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

6 thoughts on “obligatory boston post

  1. from what i read, they missed the boat/this house because it was right outside the 20-block area they spent all day canvassing (presumably they just hadn’t gotten to it yet). so i think that’s a little unfair. personally, i’m kind of blown away that they managed to find these guys given the massive marathon crowds. when they showed the grainy pics on tv thursday night i thought there’s no way on earth they’ll be able to actually connect these to real people.

  2. Laura is correct…. if you look on a map, the boat is outside the area that they spent searching. And it was a pretty big area. He was hiding a decent distance from the original shootout. It’s not like he was two blocks away from where they’d been shooting and they just didn’t think to look in the boat. Maybe they should have widened the search area, but it took a lot of man-power to search the area that they did block off.

    His brother also had an IED strapped to his chest and they’d been lobbing pipe bombs during the shootout. I’m not normally a big fan of the cops, but I thought they were smart to be cautious in this situation. It was a definite possibility that he’d booby trapped his hidey-hole.

    1. the point is that they had no clue where this guy was, or even if he was still in the state, let alone the area, until they lifted the lockdown & the homeowner took a little stroll outside. kind of makes the whole lockdown idea look like an absolutely terrible idea, huh? imagine if they hadn’t lifted it…how long would it have taken them to take a peek inside that boat? such an incredibly excessive show of force & once they relaxed it, some random citizen found the guy in like five minutes. literally.

      also, the homeowner noticed blood next to the boat, lifted the tarp, & saw a bloody bombing suspect laying inside. so clearly the boat was not boobytrapped the, like, explode the second someone touched it. i can understand the caution, given all the guns & bombs happening the night before, but the whole thing is seriously such an embarrassment.

  3. I totally agree that the right-outside-the-lockdown zone location of the suspect being a little embarrassing, but I’m not the world’s hugest fan of cops no matter where they are so I tend to be cynical about them in general. (Sorry, cops!) But I just HAD to comment about the mention of punjabi dhaba and 1369 and diesel. My old hoods!!! I’ve been away from Boston for 10 years and now I just might have to book a ticket back for a summer visit. Ah, memories!

    1. did you hear? apparently the boat with the guy hiding in was actually inside the 20-block perimeter after all! as if i didn’t think the whole thing was embarrassing enough. & the fact that they brought in a robot to pull the tarp off in case it was boobytrapped, after the homeowner had already pulled the tarp off himself & found the guy…what a fucking disaster. i can only assume the harbor police were taking the lead on that whole thing. (i like to pretend the harbor police are the most incompetent of all boston law enforcement officials.)

      did i know that you were from boston? that’s awesome! we were even there for some overlap, as i moved there in 2001.

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