bumpwatch terror alert: week 26

how have i not toppled over yet?

only fourteen weeks until my due date! that’s only 98 days! i’ve broken into the double digits. i’ve said it before, but this pregnancy is flying by. i can’t believe how little time is left before we finally meet the baby…& how much is going to be packed into those few months. & damn, i am getting huge. i had to see my primary care physician yesterday for a foot issue i was having, & she weighed me, as per protocol. i had gained four pounds just in the two weeks since i last saw my obstetrician. i’ve gained almost thirty pounds altogether so far. i wonder what the final tally will be? the baby still has a good six or so pounds to gain to reach a decent full-term birth weight, so i can undoubtedly count on gaining at least ten more.

i keep telling people that i’m having a really easy pregnancy so far, but i am starting to realize that that’s not completely true. my baby has been head down pretty much from the start, which is great in some ways, because it’s not compressing my lungs so much & it means baby is in a good position for birth. but it causes a lot of uncomfortable pelvic pressure, which is alleviated to some degree by a maternity belt, but not completely. there’s a condition called symphysis pubis dysfunction in which pregnancy causes the pelvis to separate. i’d heard horror stories about women dislocating their hips & being confined to wheelchairs until delivery because they literally couldn’t walk with this problem, so i assumed i didn’t have it. i mean, my pain isn’t THAT bad. but i am starting to realize that it’s pretty damn bad & would probably be a whole lot worse if i couldn’t just sit down & put my feet up whenever i want.

plus i have some swelling in my hands, which is pressing on the nerves & making them numb all the time. i haven’t had full feeling in my right hand in weeks. the swelling isn’t severe–there’s no edema. but it’s enough. the extra fluid is also putting a lot of pressure on my already arthritic finger joints & making my hands really stiff & sore all the time.

when people talk about pregnancy symptoms & discomfort, you think of morning sickness, fatigue, maybe a sore back & swollen ankles. i was totally unprepared for this whole pelvic dislocation thing & the numb hands. why didn’t any of my mom friends warn me? it’s manageable, but i’m realizing that these symptoms are not terribly common & kind of undermine my claims of “an easy pregnancy”.

anyway. jared will be back in kansas in just a few days! i can’t wait to see him. every time he goes out of town, something weird happens with his phone, & this trip was no exception. his phone just stopped working one morning. i have the same model, purchased on the same day, & mine still works fine. it took him a few days, but he managed to replace it with a crappier model (or at least, a model with a crappier camera). so i am relieved that i am able to get in touch with him again in the event of some weird emergency. he’s going to a baby shower today for a friend of his that is pregnant with twins. better her than me, that’s for damn sure! (ps–i bet no parent of multiples has ever heard that hoary old chestnut before.) it made me realize that i have never actually been to a baby shower before. my first baby shower experience will be my own next weekend.

apparently jared’s mom & brother got together & decided to throw us another shower while we’re in boston at the end of the month. i have recused myself from all involvement planning for it. i’ve been a little more involved in the shower here, ordering the invitations & handling the RSVPs & such forth. but i am getting into the third trimester now & am starting to run low on energy again. most days, i consider it a victory if i manage to change out of pajamas & run a comb through my hair. but it will be cool to see how the boston shower goes. most of the invitees are members of jared’s extended family. kind of nerve-wracking for me. i have so little relationship with my own extended family, rubbing shoulders with other people’s makes me really anxious.

on the topic of family, check out the onesie my sister made for the baby:

it’s charlotte!

& speaking of charlotte, she has some weird bumps on the skin of her back. they look kind of like lumpy warts or something. the fur around them is coarse & greasy. they don’t seem to bother her–she had no reaction when i touched them. i did some research & it seems like they could be anything from cat acne to a fungal infection to simple dermatitis to skin cancer. i had a little phone consult with a vet who said they didn’t sound like an emergency, but that it was worth bringing her in. but she’s so vicious, i can’t get her into her carrier by myself. well, i probably could (& have in the past), but it would be an endeavor. i tried yesterday, just to see how willing she would be. she didn’t yowl & scratch like she has in the past, but she did wiggle & whine & puff up her tail. so i let her go. she seemed sad that i’d subjected her even to that small indignity. i’m going to wait until jared is back in town to help me.

man, i made the mistake of mentioning to a group of pregnant women that i was born five weeks late & now they won’t stop talking about how dangerous it is to allow your pregnancy to progress past 42 weeks. there was even talk of how one woman knows someone whose baby died at 41 & a half weeks. of course. because no matter what you do during pregnancy, there’s someone who knows someone who did that same thing & their baby died. the fact that i sit here as a reasonably healthy & definitely 100% alive former 45-week baby means nothing. i also never said i was planning to allow my pregnancy to go significantly past term. i was just making conversation. it’s so weird that people flip out about that but they have no problem scheduling cesareans for 36 weeks, even though there is evidence that a 36-week-old fetus’s lungs are not fully developed yet. but do i comment on that? no, i do not. except i guess i just did.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

2 thoughts on “bumpwatch terror alert: week 26

  1. I was born 7 weeks late. My mom lived in a rural community and her doctor was about one step above a vet. When I tell people this, I get lectured about how babies die and it’s against the law to go longer than 2 weeks overdue and they WILL put you in jail etc etc. As if my mom wanted to be pregnant for that long. She was an isolated, first-time mom and her doctor said it was fine. And both mama and baby turned out just fine. Every horror story anecdote has an equal and opposite happy ending anecdote.

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