relevant phrase: “on the topic of pelvic floors”

this morning i came the closest to throwing up that i have come in all my ten weeks & three days of being pregnant. & it wasn’t even because of morning sickness! it was because of a migraine. i have heard that some women who are prone to migraines have fewer symptoms while they are pregnant. (i have actually heard that about a lot of weird stuff, including arthritis, which you’d think would be worsened by the weight gain & altered center of gravity involved with pregnancy.) maybe i got a migraine because i was a little dehydrated. it was over 100 degrees yesterday & i arguably didn’t drink enough water. but i am worried i’m going to be one of those women whose migraine symptoms are the same or even worse during pregnancy.

about four months after jared & i moved in together back in 2008, swine flu hit the news. at the time, jared usually got up at around 6am to get ready for his long train commute to work, & i got up with him because otherwise we hardly would have been able to spend any time together, & i would have felt like a total jerk for sleeping in every day until 11am when he had to get up at 6am. so one morning jared woke up to get ready for work, & i woke up too & immediately burst into tears because i had such a horrible migraine. jared went to take a shower, & when he came back to get dressed, he found me writhing around in bed, sobbing hysterically. “do you have swine flu?” he asked.

“i don’t have swine flu!” i apparently sobbed, which made jared laugh REALLY hard, because apparently i sounded sad about not having swine flu. i did my best to get back to sleep, & woke up six hours later still feeling terrible. i got out of bed to get some advil, but just standing up made me throw up. migraines are the worst.

anyway, i didn’t throw up this morning. jared was kind enough to bring me some ibuprofen (i know, i know, it’s contraindicated during pregnancy, but when i tried to figure out why, all i found is that it can cause heavy bleeding during childbirth, if taken, like, right before delivery–if someone else can point me to some study that shows that ibuprofen will cause my baby to grow an extra set of limbs or something, i’ll stop taking it, but for now, i don’t really see the problem in downing a couple of advils once or twice a month) & i snoozed until 10:30am & begged off going to the pool.

yeah, i haven’t thrown up once during this pregnancy. i haven’t even come close. i was pretty nervous since almost everyone i know & definitely every pregnancy blog i’ve read goes on & on & on about how awful morning sickness is & how all the did while they were pregnant was puke. i even followed one blog for a while on which the author would write at length about how she peed herself a little every time she threw up–& she was throwing up a few times a day. she wrote about how she had to keep a change of outfits at work for the inevitable pee emergencies. & this is someone who was pregnant with her first baby! apparently her pelvic floor has no muscle tone whatsoever. i was worried that this was some kind of secret truth of pregnancy that no one talks about–that you just pee yourself all the time, until it starts to seem normal to be covered in pee. but that definitely has not been my experience even a little bit. knock on wood, i guess?

i’ve definitely experienced nausea, just for the record, & it has even been severe enough a few times that i spent literally the entire day in bed, sleeping (my only respite from the nausea, which actually seem to get worse after i eat, & is particularly triggered by just plain water). i’ve been nauseous pretty much non-stop for the last two & a half weeks. but never have i felt the need to vomit.

on the topic of pelvic floors: when i had my HSG done right before i got pregnant back in april, the nurses were trying to distract me from what i imagined to be the unbearable agony of the whole thing by asking me lots of questions. & of course they asked if i was trying to get pregnant, if it would be my first baby, did i want a boy or a girl, etc etc. at one point, one of them gave me this stellar advice: “it’s never too early to start doing your kugels, even before you get pregnant.”

i actually laughed out loud. for kind of a long time.

this is a kugel:

it’s a very delicious jewish noodle dish. YUM.

this is a kegel, which is what she actually meant:

an exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor, helpful for maintaining continence throughout life, even after the trauma of a vaginal delivery.

not that i would turn down the opportunity to enjoy kugel on a regular basis!

another thing i want to enjoy on a regular basis is GARLIC KNOTS. jared & i went to the royals-cardinals game in kansas city on friday with our friend cait (the culmination of the I-70 series, which is apparently a rivalry on par with yankess-red sox, or hatfields-mccoys). we got pizza first, & after i devoured a whole platter of garlic knots…i ordered a second platter for the road. they took so long to cook that we missed the opening pitch, which was apparently thrown by a very drunk jon hamm (“mad men”‘s don draper). throughout the game, cait kept saying, “what do you think jon hamm is doing right now? we need a hamm cam.” she also observed, “your baby is going to have the bluest eyes ever. you both have such blue eyes! are you trying to create an aryan super-race?” to which jared replied, “worst. super-race. ever.” i told her that she should get a fake hollowed-out pregnancy belly for the next time we attend a game & fill it with cheap beer. i think that’s what jon hamm did because he was nearly falling down drunk when he helped lead the crowd in “take me out to the ballgame” during the seventh-inning stretch. we stayed for the friday night fireworks, which were set to a confusing disco medley that included a surprising amount of queen’s “bohemian rhapsody”. after the grand finale, the beefy royals fans in front of us started chating, “U-S-A! U-S-A!” because, you know. fireworks are inherently a celebration of america. when we got home, at like 1am, i discovered that my garlic knot consumption had in fact been so fevered that i had marinara sauce splashed on my forehead. it’s the miracle of being ripe with child: you just don’t give a fuck about dignity anymore, like at all.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

6 thoughts on “relevant phrase: “on the topic of pelvic floors”

    1. well, there’s this, which debunks the math on that:

      the science suggests that using ibuprofen in pregnancy can reduce the quantity of amniotic fluid…but only after week 20-25 of pregnancy (ie, the beginning of the third trimester). amniotic fluid levels only became low enough to be of concern in 8% of pregnancies that haven’t gone over-term.

      the study in question doesn’t examine how often the women who miscarried took ibuprofen, or what kinds of dosages they took. they didn’t even guarantee that the women has actually taken ibuprofen. they considered a woman “exposed” if she had had a prescription for an ibuprofen-like drug filled immediately before or during her pregnancy. i’ve been on NSAIDs for arthritis, & i took them only “as needed”–not every day. sometimes not for weeks at a time.

      i don’t know. it all sounds bogus to me. this study hasn’t been replicated & previous miscarriage/ibuprofen studies showed much less causation. i think in general it’s good to stay away from drugs as much as you can when you know you’re pregnant & you’re planning to have the baby, but at the end of the day, i think the fetal risks associated with MOST drugs have been way over-stated in order to try to control women. & i mean that even for drugs i personally would never touch with a ten-foot pole, like heroin. i think we can all agree that when compared with heroin, a few ibuprofen over the course of a month is probably not a huge the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of miscarriages are due to major chromosomal abnormalities, & suggesting that a woman caused her miscarriage by popping some ibuprofen strikes me as woman-hating.

      & if it really worked that way, you’d think every woman with an unwanted pregnancy would be chugging the stuff!

    1. this is obviously a spam comment, as evidenced by the link to helpful info about gnat bites (???), but i’m approving & replying anyway because it’s also an example of something i find really obnoxious: unsolicited, bogus medical advice doled out to pregnant ladies.

      what “side effects” do painkillers cause? there are so many different kinds of pain medication out there, both over-the-counter & prescription, it’s ridiculous to suggest that they all have the same effect on a pregnant body or developing fetus. perhaps some people find it easiest to just make a blanket ban on all painkillers for the sake of simplicity…but i bet those people aren’t suffering from daily migraines.

      i talked to my doctor about my headaches & she prescribed me generic fioricet. the only “side effect” it has on me & the baby is that it makes us a bit drowsy. big whoop. when people lay this kind of condescending, unwanted medical advice on a pregnant lady (as if i don’t have a doctor, or barring that, access to webMD?), that has side effects too. it inspires rage in the pregnant lady & may cause the advice-giver to get kicked in the teeth.

      let’s just all make a pact: we will refrain from offering medical advice unless we are specifically asked for our opinions.

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