kansas city punks & pharmacy disappointments

jared & i went to kansas city last week. some friends from grad school recommended that we check out the plaza. it was unclear to me whether they were suggesting that it was a cool place to hang out or if they thought it was neat because it had historical significance. all i knew is that it was a kind of fancy, gentrified shopping area, which didn’t sound at all like a cool place to hang out, but jared argued for historical significance. then he reminded me that they just opened an H&M there (the only one in kansas city!). that’s all i needed to hear. i love me some H&M. that’s one of the big things i miss about boston.

i was surprised when we arrived at the plaza because the first storefront i saw was for valentino. that’s a bit rich for my blood. i was also dumbfounded by the fact that the entire area was done up in spanish-style architecture. supposedly it’s riffing off of seville. in kansas city? it seemed anachronistic to me. i speculated that maybe it was a call-back to kansas city being a stop on the santa fe trail? maybe americans brought back ideas about spanish-style architecture from new mexico, along with blankets & spanish-style saddles & such forth? i mean, kansas city is not in a region that was ever a spanish colony, as far as i know.

but what was really weird was that jared was totally weirded out by me being weirded out. he was like, “so it’s spanish-style architecture. who cares?” well, i wouldn’t say i CARE necessarily. i’m not going to, like, flip over tables & set stuff on fire. it was just unexpected. jared tried to argue that it’s the same principle as boston & new york city having a lot of italian-style architecture. which would be true if boston & new york city didn’t also have huge numbers of italian settlers! honestly, i think i’d be over it by now & just chalking it up to a weird gentrification choice if everyone i’d complained to about this (jared, jaimie, & all of my friends in kansas city) hadn’t just cocked their heads & looked at me like i was speaking dutch.

note spanish-style architecture behind jared. now imagine like ten square blocks of this. in kansas city. weird, right?

anyway, we went to H&M & i was happy because they have a better color story this season. the last time i was at an H&M was christmas of 2010 & the color story was all mauve & teal. hideous. this time, there was lots of gray, black, a dark purple-y blue, etc. but i think i might be aging out of H&M because i didn’t understand why there were so many faux-leather booty shorts for sale in january. & the cheapness of the fabric is starting to bother me. i’m finally getting to that point in my life where i’d rather have fewer separates of higher quality than just a whole mess of cheap polyester mix & match pieces. i was also horrified by:


after we got our fill of the plaza, which did not take long, we wandered over to a weird little dive bar called buzzard beach.

jared looking punk fucking rock.
me, really not looking punk at all. i never realized how enormous the ruffle drape is on this coat.

we had dinner with ellen & mike & went back to ellen’s house to hang out.

ellen & ferdinand. i told her that she always looks like a proud mom when she holds him.
ellen, me, mike, & ferdinand.

& then we went to a terrible punk show in a scary basement lair organized by oogles.

jared & ellen.

ellen took some photos of me in my 1960s swing coat & boot-cut mom jeans swigging from a bottle of milk while a mosh pit full of kids with spiked mohawks & elaborately studded leather jackets roils behind me, but i don’t have access to them. the show gave jared the opportunity to say, “wow, i haven’t seen a GBH back patch since 1996.” i got to say, “i haven’t seen a nausea ass flap since 2002.” between bands, kids would cue up their favorite punk tunes on a laptop, which culminated in a lot of dudes with splotchy skull tattoos playing air guitar to operation ivy. eventually the cops broke things up & i was very relieved. we went back to ellen’s house & watched ke$ha videos instead.

i started taking the clomid this weekend & so far have not experienced any side effects except for hot flashes. i kicked off my socks & all my blankets last night. but it’s a small price to pay if it results in a baby.

what is not such a small price to pay was the $250 i dropped on progesterone supplements today. usually the pharmacy offers generics when they are available, but they gave me the name-brand this time & i didn’t realize what was going on, or that there are plenty of generic progesterone supplements on the market. i have medicare for health insurance, but no prescription drug coverage (long story). bear in mind that this was $250 for fifteen days’ worth of progesterone. & if i get pregnant, i will have to continue taking it for an additional sixty days (until the end of my first trimester, when the placenta kicks in & starts making progesterone for me; without supplements, i risk miscarriage because apparently my body isn’t great at generating its own progesterone). do the math. that’s another $1000.

so i called my ob/gyn & the nurse was really helpful & was like, “$250? out of pocket? OH HELL NO. i will look into generics & let you know ASAP.” so this is another helpful tip for any ladies who may be out there, trying to get knocked up. always ask your doctor & your pharmacist about generics. i feel like i know a lot about the science of conception & pregnancy, but fuck-all about the nuts & bolts of fertility treatments in terms of what questions to ask or how to budget appropriately for them. i’m flying by the seat of my pants here.

bonus story: i went to the pharmacy to pick up the progesterone. the pharmacist went & retrieved it for me & said, “that will be $251.43.” then she gave me this sly look that totally said, “you don’t have enough money for this.” i repeated the number & said, “HOLY SHIT. i’m puttin’ this bad boy on my credit card.” she looked kind of disgusted. then she called over a colleague for a consult, as i have never taken progesterone before. the colleague was all, “ah…um. yes. um…so, this has an applicator, &…hmmm. i guess it can cause some abdominal discomfort…ah. maybe some cramping?” she was just blatantly reading the info page stapled to the package. it was the same woman who did my consult for the clomid, & she did the same thing that time too. i didn’t ask for a consult, dude, & if you’re just going to read me the info page, i can probably live without it.

anyway. this baby is costing me an arm & a leg & it’s not even conceived yet. it better be the BEST BABY EVER. just kidding. but it better be like, you know, top 98% or so. in terms of awesome.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

One thought on “kansas city punks & pharmacy disappointments

  1. I never thought the architectural choice for “The Country Club Plaza” was weird. It’s just kind of a high-end outdoor mall & I rarely question the weirdness of choices made for tourists. At any rate, it’s kinda pretty at night in the snow with the lights & shit.
    Buzzard Beach made me laugh. That place hasn’t changed since I was a teenager.

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