how is it april already?

so, jared & i are moving into our new house in less than a month. i’m going to try to keep up with my to-do lists (including the routine update here) while we are preparing for the move, but considering that we haven’t even started packing yet…we’ll see how it goes. we also have not found a subletter yet. we’ve had several folks express interest, & some of them are still trying to sort out their financial situations to make it happen, so hope is not lost, but we’ve also shown the apartment to several people who seemed barely able to contain their disgust. i don’t understand. this apartment is really cute.

here's our kitchen table. please note professional cat art.
a view of the living room. note still more cat art.
my office. note courier bag with appliqued portrait of charlotte.

i guess olde-thymey apartments with tiny kitchens aren’t necessarily everybody’s cup of tea, but some of these folks that have come through barely even spoke to us once they had visibly made up their minds about their lack of interest. i’m not going to put a gun to anyone’s head & force them to sublet my apartment, but is it really that difficult to be polite?

anyway, today is a special day. because it is jared’s 31st birthday! let’s take a moment to appreciate his adorableness.

in his "arthur fonzarelli goes to the arctic circle" costume.

unfortunately, jared has school all day, so we can’t do much to celebrate. i did get him a gift: a fancy new cuisinart food processor/blender combo. i asked him what he lacked that would demonstrably improve his life. he said, “a meat grinder.” i asked why on earth he wanted a meat grinder & he said, “so i can grind meat.” i asked if it had to be specifically a meat grinder, or if a larger, newer food processor that is not from a thrift store (like our current food processor) would do. he said a food processor would be perfect. i selected the blender combo because i have been hankering for a blender. summer is right around the corner, & with it, smoothie weather. i have over-ambitious plans about drinking banana smoothies & taking water aerobics classes this summer. instead, i will probably eat fudge for dinner & chainsmoke like i usually do. i also let him know that i will buy him a ticket to the red sox game of his choice. i’m hoping to get standing room tickets for a game at fenway this summer for both jared & myself, & hopefully bart will join us.

i also got half a dozen eggs from a local friend who raises chickens, & i’m going to use them to make a flourless chocolate birthday cake. usually i am too cynical & jaded to get pumped about (free!) locally sourced eggs, but…i’m pretty pumped about the (free!) locally sourced eggs.

jared & i went out for some drinks with some of his grad school colleagues the other night, one of whom was telling me about how she’s hoping to make it to feminist book club meetings next semester when she’s ABD (that means “all but dissertation” for those of you blessed to not be in the graduate school circle of hell). it made me think about how thankful i am that i have been able to plug into a local community in lawrence that is not centered around the university. i have mentioned before that i am not a terribly social person, but i do enjoy the occasional porch hang-out or bandana full of fresh eggs or acoustic punk show. i would feel so isolated without those things.

speaking of feeling isolated, lately i have been missing the days when i used to run a zine distro. there are many, MANY things i do NOT miss about running a zine distro, including writing HTML from scratch, sitting behind a table at a zine fest while everyone else gets to socialize freely, answering thirty e-mails a day, having to read terrible zines about how the federal reserve is illegal & the government is slowly poisoning us all with chemtrails, important packages getting lost in the mail, etc. but i miss reading tons of interesting zines all the time & having such a significant way to support them. i especially miss having a big way to support radical zine ladies. i don’t think that starting a zine distro is in the cards for me, considering that i am planning to be a mom within a year or so & i don’t yet know how that is going to change my life. i think that’s a big enough undertaking on its own. but…sometimes i miss the distro. i am toying with the idea of writing a new zine once the move is in the bag. i’ll pretty much have nothing but time once jared leaves for boston (save for water aerobics classes & smoothie breaks).

this month at feminist book club, jaimie (the lady i got the eggs from) & i are facilitating zine month. we’re easing everyone into it with a selection of personal narrative lady zines, & then we’re having health week with zines about depression & abortion & checking out your cervix in a mirror, & we’re closing with intersectionality, with zines on trans issues, race stuff, disability, queer stuff, etc. i’m excited to see how it goes. for movie night, we are going to watch “$100 & a t-shirt” (prefaced of course with a disclaimer about how the director, joe biel, is an unrepentant abusive assbasket). hopefully people will actually do the readings this time, because the readings are zines, & zines are pretty easy to read. we did three weeks on outlaw woman by roxanne dunbar-ortiz & it was a total disaster because that book is over 400 pages long & no one read it. well, i did, on a computer, even, but i read literally at least one book per day, so it’s not like it was difficult to fit into my schedule.

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

4 thoughts on “how is it april already?

  1. For the first time in my life I spend a lot of time with people who have really different apartment priorities than I do. What a weird thing! I didn’t even realize there were massive divides in how people rank their apartment needs but there are! Several of my co-workers are navigating trying to find better apartments and they all seem to only look at large apartment complexes. I’ve never even thought to rent in a big apartment complex. It doesn’t seem like their preference for large complexes makes them any more or less susceptible to the normal problems of sketchy neighbors, crappy landlords and physical problems, nor are they dramatically more or less expensive than the quirky old houses that I’ve been renting from equally shitty landlords. It just is so funny to me. Because all things being equally shitty, I’d rather live in a tiny apartment in an old Victorian house than in 400 unit complex.

    1. Those giant apartment complexes scare me. When we moved to Baltimore, we looked at one that boasted a full gym, a mini-movie theater, a dog run on the roof, etc. The implication was that you don’t ever have to leave your building except to go to work, which is just a little too many shades of J.G. Ballard’s “High-Rise” for my tastes. To each their own, but that $1600 (!) apartment didn’t even have any doors. Even to the bathroom. And the Yelp ratings are what you’d expect from pretty much any landlord, i.e. mostly shitty.

  2. gasp! are you, too, in a functional aries-cancer relationship? my boyfriend has your birthday (i think? july 11) & i am an april-born aries like jared, and 90% of relationship astrologers are full of doom about aries-cancer relationships, but i think it’s the best one i’ve ever had, and i am filled with hope when i meet/hear of other functional, sweet couples in the same astrological boat!
    also i will be sending you my zine soon. maybe it will fill a tiny bit of the void. i sent you a refund via paypal because i owe you a trade!

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