now with 300% more cat photos

today jared & i took a walk in fifteen-degree weather. we went to the library, picked up some new books & movies & CDs. we passed the united way building on our walk, & noted that someone had built an enormous snow penis on the lawn. i really don’t think people build enough snow penises.

i wasn’t too stoked about the snowfall until i realized that i had a prime opportunity to expose charlotte to snow. charlotte is strictly an inside cat–partly because i like to keep her safe, but partly because she fears wind. i wondered what she would think of the snow.

so i lugged her out on to our snowy balcony.

she was concerned, yet intrigued.

then i took it one step further.

yeah, i threw a snowball at my cat.

she didn’t really seem to care. but she did not want to be outside anymore. she was damp, cold, & shedding everywhere. so we brought her back inside, & jared set up her cat bed behind our blue armchair, & she has been curled up there pretty much ever since.

jared went to philadelphia for some quaker editorial stuff last week, leaving me home all alone. it was pretty dull for me. i am not going to sit here & pretend that i have a ton of friends & a really busy social schedule in lawrence. a few of my favorite lawrence people have moved away in the last few months (not so far that they can’t visit regularly…but making time to hang out on a visit is different from living in the same town), & the folks that are left have been recovering from the holidays, busy with work, etc. it’s a good thing i’m kind of a loner by nature, & more than capable of amusing myself.

one day while jared was in philly, i stopped by the library to pay off my $3.40 in overdue fees. all the librarians at the desk were helping other patrons when i walked in, but one of them finished up before i’d taken two steps. as i approached the desk, the patron she’d been helping started walking backward away from the desk, flailing his arms every which way like kang & kodos from “the simpsons”. he wasn’t paying attention to who he might back into, so i kind of side-stepped out of his path so he wouldn’t walk into me. sometimes i kind of forget that people can actually see me & i just do goofy things to amuse myself, so when i got out of this guy’s way, i then pretended that he had walked into me & did a huge arms-pinwheeling pratfall into the “recommended DVDs” display across from the desk. everyone in the library started laughing. that was the highlight of my five days without jared.

i like the little cat prints in the snow.

now that jared is home from philadelphia & i am over my cold, it’s all non-stop party time until school starts again. part of the party today was trying to decide whether or not to switch cell phone plans. our family plan (just with each other) expired like eight months ago & we’ve been paying month-to-month since then. my phone is held together with electric tape, & jared’s doesn’t text anymore. we looked into our options & discovered that verizon has plans that fit our needs better (we almost never actually use our phones & certainly don’t need a bunch of gewgaws like MP3 players or bluetooths or anything). i was completely sold when i discovered i could get a ludicrous $20 kin one with a two-year contract. it is marketed at teens, including one very quiet teen who decorated her kin one in zebra stripes & made two six-minute youtube videos detailing her love for her phone. the reviews say it’s good for people who just need a phone for calling & texting & not a lot else, though it does have wifi capabilities & there’s no mandatory data plan.

i am wicked pumped about this. every now & again, i do get a little jealous of people who can just whip out their phones & get online from whatever random street corner they happen to be standing on. not that i ever leave the house, & the house contains my computer & private, personal internet connection. do i really need the option of internet access in my pocket on my weekly walks to the library? but you know. now i have the option. & i have a silly-looking phone.

on our first night in boston, jared, bart, & i went to doyle’s (a bar in jamaica plain formerly frequented by people like JFK) & found ourselves playing trivia. every single time i brought our answers to the trivia master, i passed at least three different tables where players were looking up their answers on their iphones. bart even has an iphone himself, so we could have cheated too, but he’d left it at home. we did pretty damn well considering that we were the only team that wasn’t cheating. i think we could have scraped second or third place (out of like twenty teams) if we hadn’t listened to jared’s recommendation that we bet it all on the finals even though we knew we didn’t know the answers. i consider it a moral victory…a short-lived moral victory, because i am going to be cheating up a storm once i find a trivia night in a bar that offers free wifi.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

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